No More Death of Tiny Drones

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The interest of military is being more towards the threat of hostile drones which fly over the battle fields, but what about the dangers that is being possessed by tiny drones aka “micro-drones”.

Airline pilots of the world have spotted and reported small drones flying dangerously close during the landings and takeoff of the planes. Small drones which fly over sports event fall into crowds, and caused several injuries. Last weekend, drones flying over wildfires in California interfered with airlifts of firefighters and water drops by tanker aircraft.

MITRE an American not-for-profit organization focuses on tiny drones because, “If you look at what is happening in America and National Security and terrorism and all that, the big threat that really scared about is not a nation coming at us with all their nukes, it’s a lone actor doing something stupid,’ Blackburn said.

He also added that there’s also the problem of how to deal with small drones. “You can’t just shoot down something above the Super Bowl.”

Duane Blackburn, a science and technology policy analyst for MITRE, a quasi-federal, non-profitable corporation which is running the Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) Challenge said, “Not to give the bad guys ideas, but it’s very easy to put these things in a backpack and carry them wherever you want and set them up and launch them.”

The finalists will have to prove their claims against drones flown at the Urban Training Center at Quantico, a set of crude buildings usually used to train marines to fight in cities.

SkyWall 100 of Open Works Engineering from Riding Mill, England, assured to bring down the targeted drone with a net that deploys from a projectile fired from a compressed air shoulder launcher. The net grabs UVA, and after that a parachute makes the drone gently touches the ground.

The work of grabbing the drone and deploying it via a parachute by this SkyWall 100 is shown in the video below.

Air Force is already using some nuclear bases systems for defending themselves,by elaborating systems of sensors and other hardware that promise to detect, which can even track and control the unidentified drones.

But what if the drone were not for spying, instead they were about to deliver some important and urgent packages.

So, before killing the drones attacker have to prove their claims against drones over the Urban Training Center (UTC) at Quantico, if any threat in drones were caught, the operators of those drones would be subject to charges and fines.

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