Drones Speed-Up Land Mapping in the Philippines

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UAVs are now being utilized by Philippines as an instrument to refine their land management, this move is in the direction to help Philippines in titling and land mapping.

Approximately 12 million land parcels that are in the country do not acquire formal land titles.

To live on a land with acquiring its legal ownership in quiet common in developing countries, while Philippines’ administration’s agenda 10 – point economic plan to change it, as well as list the land management as a priority in security of land tenure to build up large investment in the nation.

In order to speed up the process of land titling, Foundation for Economic Freedom and Omidyar Network has partnered with Asia Foundation on a completely novel initiative of the Technology for Property Rights Project. This has been introduced to make new machines like drones to conduct subdivision in a faster and easier way.

Local drone surveying partners have collaborated with the non-profit organization to carry out pilot study in Cordova.

The Cebu region is being effectively utilized to test drones for titling and land mapping purposes.

land mapping

The drone flies over a region and develops n crisscross patterns while recording images of the region, hovering over the land, creating its aerial mapping. Some control points which are distinguishable in aerial images are further recorded by the UAVs which enable the survey team to print and record the hi-resolution maps which will be reviewed by the members of the community to identify land in case of any disputes. By drone mapping method the survey team covers approximately 40 hectares of land in a day.

The aerial maps will be accepted as survey tool by government of Philippines when they meet the accuracy standards.

The aerial maps produced in Cordova through pilot study were 95% as faultless as the result which came from traditional field measurements, displaying approximate horizontal difference of only 5.3 cm.

The answer is still in the pipeline whether the government of Philippines’ will accept the aerial mapping technology by drones.

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